In this 8hr or 0.8CEU course, we’ll provide a sequential guided review of the full Procedure. Disinfectant and Pipe Volume Calculations are also covered. Get a PDF copy of the version released to stakeholders on August 01, 2020 - Click Here This procedure is a supporting document for Ontario regulations and your Drinking Water Works Permit related to drinking water distribution pipes and specific to disinfection and records of disinfection. It is vitally important that every Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operator, Supervisor & Manager have an in depth understanding of this important procedure. This course will provide you this in depth understanding. Included in this course is a 40pg manual that encompasses the full Procedure with additional information from AWWA C651, the Municipal Water Works Permit, regulatory excerpts, and example of mathematical calculations for pipe volume and disinfectant solution mixing. Covered in this course:
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Reviewing the Ontario’s Watermain Disinfection Procedure Reviewing the Ontario’s Watermain Disinfection Procedure Distribution Operators

Reviewing Ontario’s Watermain Disinfection Procedure

Delivered through a PDF Manual and intelligent quizzing

Everything required is included on-line.

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Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin This course has met the requirements under O. Reg. 128/04 as Director Approved Continuing Education.
This unique course and it’s v3 format has been evolving since 2012. How the Course Works: You take the “Unit Quizzes” and harvest answers from the manual. The progressive questions will guide you through the manual in a linear and sequential manor, providing short chunks of knowledge, interesting stories and nuanced guidance. The course marks your questions immediately and saves your progress at each question. Take as long as you like. And it‘s completely open book, use the manual or the Internet to harvest answers. Complete each of the 3-Unit Content Quizzes with a 70% in each unit to unlock the Course & Trainer Assessment e-form. Complete the e-form to immediately unlock your Course Completion Certificate. If you’re a Certified Operator in Ontario, OETC will upload your completion status to the MOE-WWOCS Database within 72hrs of completion. Enrol, start and finish today or take up to a year, completing portions when you have time. I’m sure you’ll agree this course format is the best, easiest and most interesting way to assume the depth and richness of this seemingly boring but vitally necessary knowledge set. Director Approved (0.8 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code: 15215

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On-Line Course - $345 Taxes Included where applicable Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin
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