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If I want to take a course, what’s the process and what can I expect? After    Creating    an    e-Training    Account,    log    into    the    system    and    Directly    Purchase    (via    PayPal)    and immediately   enroll   in   any   course.   You   can   also   Add    to    Cart ,   any   course   from   the   store   or   from   within   the   e- Trainer   System.   You’ll   be   immediately   provided   Enrollment   Keys.   These   keys   can   be   pasted   (CTRL   V)   into your Dashboard screen for immediate Enrollment and access. After   logging   in,   you’ll   be   brought   to   your   Dashboard   Screen   where   all   your   recently   accessed   courses   are listed.   You   can   get   to   your   courses   either   through   your   dashboard,   selecting   “Courses”   in   the   toolbar   at   the top   of   the   screen   and   selecting   “My   Course”   or   selecting   “My   Courses”   in   the   right   tool   panel   from   within   the e-Trainer System. Select   you   course. Your   course   is   split   into   individual   units.   Each   unit   includes   a   Unit   Presentation   in   the   form of   an   Interactive   Presentation   or   Self   Contained   Web-Browser   Document.   Complete   the   presentation   to unlock   your   Unit   Quiz.   Obtain   70%   on   the   unit   quiz   to   unlock   the   next   unit   presentation. As   so   on   till   you   get to   the   last   Unit   Quiz.   All,   except   the   last   unit   quiz   can   be   attempted   an   unlimited   number   of   times;   the   last quiz   only   allows   a   maximum   of   3   attempts.   Each   quiz   has   a   time   limit,   usually   around   3min/question.   All quizzes   are   open   book.   Practically   anything   can   be   used   to   answer   the   questions,   Internet,   presentations, manuals, all except asking a friend. Once   all   your   course   assets   are   completed,   you’ll   be   asked   to   complete   a   Course   and   Trainer   Assessment (required   for   Regulator   Approved   and   CEU   based   courses).   Once   done,   you’ll   unlock   your   last   asset,   your Course   Completion   Certificate.   It   has   a   unique   identifier   code   for   security   purposes.   It’ll   come   as   an   emailed PDF   and   be   available   for   download   from   within   the   e-Trainer   System.   If   you   ever   need   another   copy,   all   your earned   certificates   are   available   from   your   Account   Drop-down   menu   at   the   top   right   (from   within   the   e- Trainer System). We also keep records at our office for a minimum of 7-years (in most jurisdictions). If   you   want   an   example,   create   a   free   account,   login   and   register   yourself   into   the   free   e-Training   101   course. It’s a short example of how the courses work. How do I go about purchasing a course: 1 . Multiple courses for myself or other staff 2 . For myself directly 3 . Pay via invoice 1) Course Purchase Option 1 - Add to Cart Visit   our   Store ,   review   our   courses   and   Add   to   Cart ’.   Purchase   one   or   more   courses   for   yourself   or   others via   credit   card   or   PayPal.   Upon   checkout,   you’ll   be   provided   Enrollment   Keys    via   email/download   that   unlock and   instantly   enroll   the   recipient.   These   digital   codes   can   be   emailed   to   staff   along   with   a   templated   email that   instructs   the   recipient   on   how   lt   log   in,   where   to   input   the   key,   as   well   as   provides   a   brief   description   fo the course. Training    dollars    left    over.    Enrollment    Keys    can    be    redeemed    up    to    1yr    from    date    of    purchase.    Once redeemed, your course enrollment is active for 1yr. Visit our  Store to “Add to Cart” 2) Course Purchase Option 2 - Direct Enrollment Create   an   account,   Log   into   OETC’s   e-Trainer   System   and   purchase   your   courses   directly   with   PayPal.   With Direct   Enrollment ’,   the   logged   in   student   can   purchase   single   courses   for   themselves,   gaining   instant access. You can also ‘ Add to Cart ’ from within the e-Training System. 3) Course Purchase Option 3 - Invoiced Complete   our   Invoice   form   to   get   your   courses   invoiced   to   the   workplace.   With   this   option,   you’ll   be   assigned an    Account    Administrator .    Whenever    you    want    staff    enrolled    into    courses,    simply    email    your Administrator , you’ll be invoiced. It’s then your option to either: 1 . We send you the number of Enrollment Keys  for the courses requested. You distribute them. 2 . If you provide us the staff emails, we’ll directly email the Enrollment Keys . a . In   both   cases   above,   the   student   creates   their   own   account   and   inputs   their Enrollment   Key    codes   at   their   dashboard   screen   to   access   their   course. Don’t   worry,   it’s   easy   and   we   provide   step   by   step   instructions   and   site   link ( ). 3 . If   they   have   e-Training   accounts,   we   can   Manually   Enroll   your   staff   into   the   requested   courses, then email them a notification. 4 . If they don’t have e-Training Accounts, provide us with: Name Email address Physical Address Contact Telephone Number and   we’ll   create   their   accounts,   enroll   your   identified   staff   to   the   requested   courses   manually   and   email   each operator with login credentials, instructions and links. In   all   cases   above,   we   invoice   you. You   can   find   Invoice   Setup ’   at   the   top   of   any   screen   and   in   our   footer.   In addition    to    needing    information    on    staff    and    courses,    we’ll    also    need    your    (Authorized    Employer Representative)   contact   information   and   address/contact   and   Purchase   Order   number   if   applicable,   for invoice submission. We also subscribe to e-transfers and invoice payment by credit card. Does anything need to be downloaded to my computer? Not   a   thing!   OETC’s   e-Trainer   System   uses   the   latest   server   and   cross   browser   broadcast   technology available.   This   means   your   experience   will   be   completely   web   based. An   Internet   connection   with   the   ability to view flash is all you need (We’re phasing out flash). What are Enrollment Keys? When   you Add   to   Cart   and   checkout,   you   are   immediately   emailed   your   Enrollment   Keys. These   are   a   16-40 digit   code   that   can   be   inputted   into   a   Submission   box   located   in   everyones   Dashboard   Screen   (from   within the   e-Trainer   System).   You   are   also   provided   an   instructions   PDF   for   download;   however,   all   the   instructions are   within   your   email   as   well.   Inputting   these   Key   Codes   immediately   Enroll   the   recipient   into   the   course purchased. The   Enrollment   Key   code   is   valid   for   1-year   from   the   time   of   purchase   and   once   used,   the   enrollment   to   the course lasts for 1 year. A good way to use up end of year training dollars, if this is within your purchasing policy guidelines. Can I view my purchased courses on my Playbook, I-Pad, I-Phone or Android Device? OETC’s   e-Training   system   is   presently   at   the   very   leading   edge   of   technological   advancement.   While   most of   our   course   content   is   vie wable   in   various   hand-held   devices,   some   content   may   not   show   correctly.   We continue   to   trial   new   scripting   and   applications   to   ensure   a   flawless   experience   across   platforms.    Even   with this,   some   content   includes   considerable   text   and   detailed   diagrams   and   pictures   that   may   be   difficult   to   view on smaller hand held devices Like phones). Most tablets present our content clearly. What are Director / Regulator Approved hours and why are they different across jurisdictions ? Director   Approval   is   the   term   used   for   Regulator   Approved   courses   in   some   jurisdictions.   If   you   would   like OETC    to    seek    regulator    approval    in    your    jurisdiction,    just    contact    us     to    register    your    request.    Other jurisdictions   call   these   training   hours   by   other   terms   like   regulated   training   hours   or   CEU’s   -   Certified Education Units. CEU   value   is   1/10th   or   0.1   times   the   number   of   contact   hours   of   instruction.   i.e.   14   hours   of   training   (or   2 days) is equal to 1.4 CEU’s. All   OETC   e-Training   courses   are   regulator   approved   in   Ontario,   Canada   which,   at   the   present   time,   is   one   of the strictest jurisdictions for Drinking Water operations certification. It   is   noteworthy   to   mention   that   a   course   may   be   assessed   with   different   CEU’s   in   different   jurisdictions.   This happens   because   each   regulator   governs   its   own   assessment   system.   OETC   is   working   with   regulators   and industry   organizations   to   advocate   for   standardization.   However,   we   do   not   expect   standardization   across North   America    soon.   ABC    (association    of    Boards    of    Certification)    recently    expired    the    Standard    CEU Assessment program. OETC is responding by now registering Regulator Approval jurisdiction by jurisdiction. What’s the course cancellation policy OETC’s   cancellation   policy   is   embedded   in   our   Term   and   Conditions .   You   can   view   this   policy   via   the   link provided. I’m registering from outside of North America, can I still take a course? The    short    answer    is    yes!    Our    training    teaches    common    industry    knowledge    from    the    industrial    and environmental   sector.   All   math   course   and   courses   where   maths   is   required   are   delivered   equally   in   Metric and   Imperial.   Normally,   both   systems   are   juxtaposed   side   by   side   for   easy   comparison.   We   believe   clean, safe   drinking   water   and   a   sewage   free   environment   is   a   universal    human    right.    Thus    we    welcome    operators   from   around   the   world.   What is the Little Gift Icon mean in the checkout? During   checkout   you   may   notice   a   little   present/gift   icon. This   is   a   useful   option   if   you   are   purchasing   courses for   someone   else.   By   selecting   the   Gift   icon   your   order   will   be   sent   to   someone   of   your   choosing.   You’ll   still get   the   receipt   and   a   summation   of   your   order,   but   the   Keys   and   Instructions   file   download   link   will   be   sent   to the email address provided. Unfortunately,   this   can’t   be   broken   up   between   multiple   email   address   (yet)   and   is   only   useful   if   you   are purchasing   for   1   individual.   But   if   this   is   what   you   are   doing,   it’s   useful   as   it   saves   you   the   step   of   sending   a second email to the operator purchased for. Is OETC American or Canadian, I what to know what units my courses will be in? OETC   is   a   proud   Canadian   Company;   and   we   believe   this   gives   us   a   unique   perspective   on   the   Water   and Wastewater   industry.   Canadian   operations   are   comfortable   communicating   in   both   Imperial   and   Metric.   We believe   our   courses   will   only   serve   your   needs   if   they   are   delivered   in   the   mathematical   language   you understand and use. All   OETC   courses,   where   math   is   used,   are   presented   in   both   imperial   an   metric.   Our   Fundamental   and Advanced   Math   Series   of   courses   (Math   Tools,   where   a   lot   of   units   of   measure,   calculations   and   formula   are used)   includes   dual   examples   and   in   all   cases,   dual   learning   paths   where   the   operator   can   choose   either Metric,   Imperial   or   at   a   click,   view/practice   both   juxtaposed.   This   means   you   can   see   the   same   examples answered in both units of measure, and because they are presented side by each, it promotes comparison. In   our   Level   1   series   of   courses,   all   unit   quizzes   are   a   mixture   of   both   systems   of   unit   measure.   In   our   level   2 courses, where complex equations are vastly different, we offer the option of Metric or Imperial quizzing. We encourage, and provide the opportunity for learning & practicing both systems, but we don’t force you to. Your Training, Your Way…! We have 2 operators in our Control Room, Is it OK for my colleague to listen in when not on rounds? Not   a   problem,   in   fact   we   encourage   it.   The   enrolled   student   is   the   only   individual   that   will   complete   unit quizzes   and   receive   a   certificate   of   completion   and   receive   the   CEU’s   (If   regulator   Uploads   are   required). The   registered   operator   is   also   the   only   individual   that   can   ask   questions,   but   anyone   around   can   listen   in, read   and   gain   the   same   benefit   of   knowledge.   For   this   reason,   OETC’s   e-Training   is   a   great   choice   for operations   where   multiple   persons   can   gain   training   from   one   enrollment.   It   can   still   be   logged   as   “On   the Job   Training”   in   most   jurisdictions   with   a   supervisory   sign   off   (and   you   only   pay   for   the   one   registrant);   And because   our   mission   statement   is   “Protecting   the   Community   &   Environment   through   Knowledge”,   we actually encourage it. When I take a course, will I need to take it all at once or can I pause it? You   don’t   need   to   complete   your   course(s)   in   a   single   sitting.   You   can   close   the   window   or   log   out   whenever you   wish.   In   our   version   2   courses,   the   next   time   you   log   in,   you’ll   be   asked   if   you   want   to   pick   it   up   where you   left   off.   In   our   Version   3   courses,   you   just   take   note   where   you   left   off,   and   pick   up   once   you   re-login   and go back to your course. Your next unlocked course asset will be ready and   unlocked   when   you   return. Is there a teacher available should I need help and what about my certificate and CEU’s? When   you   log   into   your   course,   you’ll   be   provided   an   introduction   to   your   course   and   course   trainer.   Included on   your   e-Training   view   screen   is   a   link   to   the   trainer.   Clicking   the   link   will   bring   up   the   trainers   OETC   contact page. The trainer will normally get back to you within 24hrs. Upon   successful   completion   of   your   course,   your   certificate   will   be   made   available   to   you   right   away   as   the last   and   final   section   of   your   course   to   unlock.   If   there   is   a   problem   printing   your   certificate,   contact   us    and an   OETC   representative   we   will   either   email   or   snail   mail   a   copy   to   you   (but   this   has   never   been   necessary to   date).   If   your   course   is   regulator   approved   in   your   jurisdiction   and   your   regulator   requires   marks   or completion   status   reports   from   the   training   provider,   we   will   provide   it   (if   the   course   is   approved   in   your jurisdiction).   OETC   uploads   regulator   required   data   generally   within   72hrs   of   course   completion.   If   your regulator requires uploads, then you will also receive an email communication once upload is complete. How long is my course available once purchased, how many times can I fail? Upon   purchase,   your   course   will   be   available   for   1   yr   or   until   final   completion   (whichever   is   less).   You   have 1yr   to   complete   your   course   before   your   course   access   expires.   If   you’ve   been   given   an   Enrollment   Key,   it   is valid   for   1-year   before   expiry   (you’ll   still   have   1-yr   from   enrollment   to   complete   your   course).   Similarly,   your access will be “Unenrolled” a few days following the final completion of your course. All   unit   quizzes   ‘EXCEPT   THE   LAST   QUIZ’   are   set   up   in   such   a   way   as   to   allow   continual   tries   of   quizzes until   you   pass   70%.   If   you’re   having   a   difficult   time,   you   can   always   go   back   and   review   the   unit   again,   or keep   the   unit   open   in   another   tab.   Most   quizzes   are   time   limited   and   they   change   on   each   attempt,   some   get increasingly   more   difficult.   Even   after   you   pass   a   unit   or   section   you   can   retake   that   section   and   try   for   a better mark. Our system records your highest attempt. The   Final   Unit   Quiz   only   allows   a   MAXIMUM   of   3   ATTEMPTS.   Following   unsuccessful   completion   ofter   3 attempts, you will be unenrolled and must re-purchase the course if you still choose to complete it.

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