Microbiology for Water Operations

Microbiology for Water Operations

In this course, we will look at all of the micro-organisms of interest to the Water professional. This course was developed for the drinking water treatment & distribution operator, lab technician, engineering professional, manager & director, politician, maintenance and SCADA technician, constructor/contractor, regulator/inspector or anyone who works within the drinking water industry. Even wastewater Treatment and collection personnel will gain valuable knowledge from this course. We’ll start with an overview of threats, mitigation and contamination history then proceed with a brief refresher of chemistry and biology. This overview will provide a truncated, fat trimmed, Coles notes version of both of these imminence subjects. You’ll wish you had these overviews in high school and college. We go from the origin of the elements, through the structure of atoms, winding around a scientific view of water, dipping into acids and bases before coming up into a summation and introduction to organic chemistry. Understanding the rules and properties of inanimate stuff will help us understand the study of the animate stuff. This leads us into the subject of biology where we start at an explanation of evolution and wind through the classification and naming structure of biology while we fly over cell types and land with a summation of the energy or spark of life. We’ll learn about bacteria, what they are, how they feed, reproduce and how they make us sick. We’ll gain an understanding of how they are named, what shapes they come in and how we analyse for them. Before leaving the focused view of bacteria, we’ll review a number of specific species and groups, 15 in total. These will include: E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Cholera as well as groups like iron bacteria and the nitrifiers. From bacteria, we move into viruses, protozoa and algae. Following an introduction we will look at each microb of interest to the drinking water industry within that group. We’ll cover proper sampling techniques, the process of how various types of Microbiological tests are conducted and a whole lot more. Take a look at the truncated tables of contents below. All the information in this course is in layman’s terms. We’re not going to teach the internal structures of cells or make you memorize long words or dates you’ll never use again. You will be provided pure, usable information with no (or at least very little) fluff. For your Due Diligence, for your knowledge in your chosen profession, for the safety of our communities, every employee in the service of the public water supply needs to know what this course teaches. Whether you’re an operator of 30yrs experience or 3 months, we guarantee you will learn things you never knew but need to know. Director Approved in Ontario (1.8 CEU’s) - Course Code 14376

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Unit 1 Table of Contents
Legal Disclaimer Zoom Introduction to e-Training Quizzes • Quizzes are Open Book • Quiz Questions and Layout Toolbar Legend Cheating A Look at Memory Retention Don’t Skip this! Conclusion Introduction to Microbiology for Water Operations Planktonic Algae Filamentous Algae What Were Going to Cover A Brief History of Water Contamination Multi-Barrier Paradigm A Discussion on Risk Infrastructure Risks A Few Key Points Introduction to Chemistry Atoms and Molecules Periodic Table of the Elements Atomic Structure Valance Electrons Four Atomic Bonds 1 - Ionic bonding 2 - Covalent bonding 3 - Polar Bonding 4 - Hydrogen Bonding
Structure of H2O The Unique Properties of Water 1 - Density of Water 2 - Phases of Water and the Triple Point 3 - Light & Sound & Electromagnetic Absorption 4 - Specific Heat Capacity & Heat of Vaporization 5 - Surface Tension and Capillary Action Acids, Bases and pH pH = -log[H+] Buffers Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs Organic Chemistry - A Brief Introduction 1 - Hydrocarbons 2 - Functional Groups 3 - Nomenclature & Structural Drawings 4 - Lipids (aka Fats) Introduction to Biology What is Life? Evolution - What is it? Classification of Life - Taxonomy Two Empire System YOU are a Eukaryote! Prokaryote vs Eukaryote Two Empire System of Classification Three Domains of Life 1 - Archaea 2 - Bacteria 3 - Eukaryotes Three Domain System of Classification Cellular Energy ATP - ADP

Microbiology for Water Operations

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