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This is an OETC eTraining demonstration course. If you are a certified Drinking Water operator in Ontario Canada, your 0.3 Regulator Approved CEU’s will be uploaded to the MOE upon successful completion. In this free 3hr or 0.3CEU demo course, we’ll provide an in depth overview of Drinking Water Certification and Wastewater Licensing in Ontario. The objective of this course is to introduce the Operator/Student to OETC's eTraining platform for obtaining CEU's while presenting relevant and useful information for new, experienced or perspective operators wanting to get into the Water Works Industry. You do not need to be a certified operator to take this course, it is open to the public. Holding and maintaining your Drinking Water Certification(s) and/or Wastewater License(s) is a minimum requirement for a career in the Water Works Industry in Ontario. Covered in this course: Unit 1 Course Introduction eTraining Overview Unit 2 What is an Operator Types of Operators in Ontario Types of Operators and Operations in Ontario Types of Operations in Ontario-detailed What’s with all the Acronyms Unit 3 How to Obtain & Maintain - Certification / Licencing Expiration, Renewals - Annual Training Requirements Operator ID, Competency & Exams Operator Resources Conclusion This course is completely on-line and at the pace of the attendee. Using the downloadable PDF manual and intelligent quizzing, the student can gain complete mastery of the topic. Extra reading/resources are provided if the operator wants to extend their learning. Unit quizzes must be passed with 70% in order to move to the next topic and can be attempted as many times as necessary to successfully complete. Quizzes will be different every time and provide feedback to incorrect responses. The Certificate of Completion is instantly and automatically provided upon completion. Audience: Any Drinking Water or Wastewater Operator, or anyone wanting to learn more about the Certification and Licencing of operators in Ontario. NOTE: The trainer / course developer is not a Lawyer and as such there is no legal advice provided during this course.
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Certification & Licencing 101 An introductory guide to being a Certified Drinking Water & Licensed Wastewater Operator in Ontario
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Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin This course has met the requirements under O. Reg. 128/04 as Director Approved Continuing Education.
All OETC e-Training courses are completely on-line and at the pace of the attendee. The Certificate of Completion is instantly and automatically provided upon completion. A course manual in PDF form is provided in the course and can be saved/printed The manual is used to harvest answers to the unit quizzes. CEU’s are uploaded to the regulator (In applicable jurisdictions) within 72hrs of course completion and confirmation of regulatory upload is emailed to student.
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