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At OETC we have a mission. We believe that the delivery of safe drinking water and the removal and effective treatment of waste water are the cornerstones to a healthy population. Throughout history, human kind has been ravaged by plagues borne from, and festered by, inadequate disposal of wastes and spread by unsanitary drinking water, usually contaminated by that very waste. With the ever increasing acquisition of knowledge, we have discovered the biology of the microscopic, epidemiology and disinfection. But all around the world countless people die each day from diseases borne out of waste and spread through the very substance every living creature needs, drinking water. Even in the advanced civilisation of the world, we still have countless diseases and infections distributed through ineffective drinking water treatment. So too, our environment can only be as clean as our ability to clean up our wastewater; which in most communities represents the single largest environmental discharge to the natural environment. We at OETC firmly believe that through the dissemination of knowledge, these risks can be mitigated. Knowledge is Power and the more water and wastewater professionals know, the safer our entire community is. That is why we at OETC have created our mission statement, our guiding principles if you will on how we operate this organisation. Our Mission: Industry Leading - Environmentally Conscience - Knowledgeable - Compassionate Industry Leading OETC strives to stay ahead of the curve to offer the best training available in the industry. How do we do this? We   at   OETC   also   strive   to   be   early   adopters   of   technology   to   assist   our   industry   in   staying   within   the   latest   technological advancements.   This   has   been   done   most   recently   with   our   utilisation   and   creation   of   our   e-Training   system.   But   we’re   never   sleep, we are always trying to make our ground breaking system better and look for new more effective ways to learn. Environmentally Conscience OETC understands the importance of saving energy and will do its part to teach this environmental respect to others. How do we do this? Not   only   does   OETC   strive   to   bring   some   order   to   the   Water   /   Wastewater   training   world   through   its   e-Training   method   of   course delivery   but   we   also   want   to   ensures   that   little   to   no   fossil   fuels   are   expended   during   an   e-Training   or   on-Demand   event. Conventional   training   requires   the   trainer   to   travel   to   the   location   of   the   training.   Sometimes   this   is   across   the   country   or   further. The course participant too must travel to the training location. Thousands of miles / kilometres of saved fuel are realised for every e-Training session. Knowledgeable OETC Believes that through the dissemination of knowledge we all benefit. How do we do this? OETC   uses   a   very   strict   recruitment   policy   when   accepting   course   developers   and   trainers.   OETC   developers/trainers   are   a   very exclusive   club   of   industry   experts   with   years   of   knowledge   and   experience   behind   them.   Each   OETC   e-Training   course   is   completed with   a   course   and   trainer   evaluation.   OETC   has   a   strict   but   fair   internal   policy   on   the   required   assessment   scores   of   our   courses   and trainers.   Trainers   or   courses   not   meeting   OETC’s   high   standards   are   required   to   have   their   course   content   updated,   trainer   to undergo adult learning education or are removed from our system. Compassionate We   at   OETC   understand   that   every   customer   is   someone   important   and   everyone   should   have   the   financial   capability   to   receive   our industry leading training. How do we do this? OETC   understands   the   unique   challenges   facing   small   communities   without   the   tax   /   rate   base   to   fund   extensive   training   programs for   their   staff.   For   this   reason   if   you   work   for   a   community   with   a   population   of   less   than   10,001   population   you   can   apply   for   a   full time   20%   discount   on   all   OETC   course   enrolments   (not   including   live   events   or   manuals). This   reduces   the   financial   burden   to   these communities and assists in our guiding principle of dissemination of knowledge. Click here fro more information. We   at   OETC   firmly   believe   in   the   rights   of   First   Nation   peoples   and   want   to   assist   with   the   unique   challenges   faced   by   these communities.   Bands,   Reserves   or   Native   communities   throughout   North America   may   be   eligible   for   a   20%   discount   for   enrolments in all OETC courses. Click here for more information. OETC   not   only   can   deliver   training   throughout   North America   but   we   can   also   deliver   our   industry   leading   courses   anywhere   in   the world. A high speed internet address is all you need.  
Industry Leading - Environmentally Conscience - Knowledgeable - Compassionate
Industry Leading - Environmentally Conscience - Knowledgeable - Compassionate
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