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More courses - In Development and/or Under Review

Level 1-4 Exam Practice (Ever Changing Exams of similar structure as MOE Certification Exams)

Management and Leadership in Municipal/Private Operations

Filter Operation, Maintenance & Analysis

Health & Safety Series - Be Informed, Stay Safe (multiple)

Pumps & Valves

Excel for the Plant Operator

SCADA & PLC’s for the Operator / Non-Programmer

Spills Response and Reporting in Canada - Spring 2017

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Disinfection for Drinking Water Operations

Chloramination, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas, dechlorination, UV, Ozone, Microbiology, CT, dosing and dechlorination calcs.

Director Approved (1.4 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code 8153

Estimated e-Training Availability: Late 2017

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Microbiology for Drinking Water

For managers, operators, technologists, laboratory, health inspectors & regulators. History of Microbiology, Waterborne pathogens in drinking water, Sampling and Analysis, Ontario Regs.

Director Approved (0.7 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code 7915

Estimated e-Training Availability: Fall 2017

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Exam Preparation -  (Water Treatment / Distribution) - Math

Certification exams utilizing the ABC format have between 10-15% math based questions. This short 10hr course focuses on some fundamental components of math to help you pass.

Director Approved (1.0 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code 8553

Estimated e-Training Availability: TBA

Log Books, Certification and AWQI / Spills Reporting in Ontario

Provincial Inspectors are taking ever more vigilance in reviewing & critiquing log books. Ensure your facilities’ Due Diligence by taking this short, informative course.

Director Approved(0.7 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code 8953

This course is available online - $299.


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Currently Available Training Courses

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Fundamental Math for Water and Wastewater (Metric & Imperial)

Struggling with the basics? This series of modules you will increase your math competency, confidence and give you the tools to do your job better and succeed in certification exams.

Level 1 Courses - Director Approved (0.3 - 0.5 CEU’s per Module) in Ontario

Some units available online - $149.



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OETC was the first training provider in Canada offering a truly online option for regulator approved training. we are now introducing our Version 2.0 course formats Click Here to enter.
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Drinking Water Law & Due Diligence in Ontario

This course is for operators and managers in drinking water. Items covered: Regulatory overview & history, how to read legislation, review Ontario water regulations, Acts & reporting.  Director Approved (1.4 CEU’s) In Ontario - Course Code 8893 Estimated e-Training Availability: TBA

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Spills in Canada

OETC’s latest course in our new Version 2 format. This animated, narrated, interactive course will look at general response and reporting of spills in Canada. Increase your competence in spill situations and gain an understanding of reporting in your province or territory.

Director Approved in Ontario (0.6 CEU’s) - Course Code: 12748

Regulator Approved in Nova Scotia (0.7 CEU’s) Course Code: 011001 (WT/WD/WWT/WWC)

Regulator Approved in British Columbia (0.6 CEU’s) Course Code 8384

Under Regulator Assessment in: BC, AB, SK for Water & Wastewater Certification CEU’s

This course is only available online - $399.


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