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1.0 e-Training Site Conduct Your access to OETC’s various social connection systems is provided on good faith. All communication must  be kept clean, decent and of a respectful nature. The administration of OETC has full right to alter, delete or  append any comments or communications made by the user. Any complains arising from the users actions  will result in a “recorded” warning to the user. After 3 warnings, the users account will be temporarily  suspended or permanently terminated (incl. all student records) and your IP address(s) could be banned from the e-Training system. If you are enroled in courses at the time of account suspension or termination, your  fees will be refunded. If you are suspected of inappropriate conduct and you are part of a Municipal Account,  usage records and example communications could be provided to your employer. 2.0 Registration  Registration for courses is accomplished either through creating an account through OETC e-Training system and purchasing each course of interest. Or through bulk purchase (contact us) or Authorized Account access (coming Feb 10, 2014). Although OETC provides a number of services such as forums and chat access for free, registration does not entitle or guarantee the availability of these services. 3.0 Payment - Bandwidth Course Fees DO NOT include cost of internet connection or bandwidth used for e-Training. The maximum  bandwidth used for  e-Training is 0.8MB/s but  bandwidth resource requirements are normally much lower  than this. Each course is a maximum of 500Mb / 0.7CEU’s. Unless otherwise stated in the course description  the cost of print manuals are an extra to the course fees. 4.0 Tax Information  GST / HST will be charged. Costs for your OETC course may be tax deductible as a business expense by the  attendee. Contact your tax advisor to ascertain whether you qualify for this tax deductible business expense.  OETC will provide our HST Business number if requested.  5.0 Cancellations - Refunds  e-Training - Cancellations for a purchased e-Training course must be made in writing via e-mail If the course is less than 10% complete, fees will be refunded less any fees for  print manuals (OETC Manuals, Text books & any shipping fees). Cancellations for an event received less  than 24 hrs from the published start date of the event OR for courses more than 10% complete, will not be  refunded, and the full invoice fee will be payable regardless of whether you attend the event or not. Students  who do not cancel and do not attend the course are responsible for the full registration fee but course  purchases only remain active for 1yr. 6.0 Transferability  e-Training - All pre-paid course fees may be transferred to a different course or may be transferred to a  colleague only if no more than 10% of the course is complete. Please notify us by emailing with:    Subject:  “Transfer to Colleague” OR “Transfer to Other Course” OR “Cancel and Refund” Body: - Course Name and date enrolled - Original attendee full name and WWOCS number if known  - Name of new attendee - Username & First/last Name & Operator Number number if known (if    transfering to a  colleague) OR New date requested NOTE: If choosing a different course, you will be responsible for the fees of the manual for that course if the   canceled course manual was already sent out. For live events, if course manuals have already been   ordered, you may be responsible for those cost in addition to the costs of the new manuals. 7.0 Prerequisites  Some courses have prerequisites that the OETC registrar believes to be the minimum requirements for  successful course completion. If a prerequisite is required for a specific course it will be indicated in the  course description.  8.0 Copyright All intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights and know-how in or relating to the  course or course materials provided or made available in connection with the course, remain the sole  property of their authors and no copies of course materials may be made, whether electronic, print or  otherwise, unless expressly agreed in writing by the OETC Managing Director. Some OETC manuals include  third party copyrighted information which OETC has negotiated and paid for. Copyright of third party materials remain the property of the original copyright owner and is used under specific license by OETC. This third  party copyright information can only be reproduced with the license and permission of the original copyright  owner. 9.0 Schedule Changes - upgrades OETC reserves the right to make changes and updates to its website including all services and options  available via its website. We do not guarantee accuracy or availability of these services, nor make any claim  of uptime maintainability. OETC also updates courses from time to time, which may reset a course attendants  location, requiring the student to restart their course following an update (if the course is not complete). While we will make every attempt to notify all course attendants in advance of a course update, we suggest  completing your course no more than at least 30-days from starting. OETC reserves the right to make changes in any scheduled programme(s), cancel an event should  circumstances require. We will give registrants the maximum possible notice of such changes and either  refund 100% the course & manual fees or allow transfer to another date. OETC is not responsible for  penalties incurred. 10.0 Freedom of Information  OETC’s e-Training system retains a lot of information about the user. Information such as marks & grades,  course attempts, communication via the chat and forums. This information is only used to provide e-Training  and web services to the user and is not / will never be sold or provided to any third party except what is  accounted for in section 10.0 Freedom of Information. Cookies: e-Training maintains 2 cookies on your system. One to track your progress in your courses and one to track each session so you do not need to input passwords for each page entered. Course Completion: OETC uses your course completion status and/or marks to update the regulator in your  jurisdiction if your course is regulator approved. Grades, Marks and Course Completion: This information will be made available to Authorized Administrators  if you are part of a company or municipal group. If you are your internal administrator will inform you of your  membership in this group. All data and information regarding users is available for viewing by OETC’s Managing Director. Partial  responsibilities are delegated from the Managing Director so it is this position that maintains full responsibility  to keeping your information safe. 11.0 Cheating and Plagiarism We at OETC take the act of cheating & plagiarism very seriously. Due to the technological nature of our  program delivery, we have the ability to conduct various authentication strategies in flagging potential  cheating. If our system suspects an instance of cheating, it will flag the suspected accounts for closer scrutiny by human eyes. If our investigator suspects a case of cheating, we can institute mandatory authentication on  all suspected user accounts. If you have been found guilty of cheating by an OETC investigation, your  account will be terminated and you will be restricted from taking Director Approved courses via our e-Training system for 1yr throughout which time no CEU’s can be acquired. During this suspension, we reserve the right  to terminate all IP addresses used throughout the life of your account. This means that if you’ve taken  courses at your workplace, you jeopardise the entire workplace from being suspended. Your workplace may  have the ability to re-instate it’s access by committing in writing, that the cheating individual(s) will be bared  from accessing the OETC e-Training System while on workplace computers. OETC reserves the right to  require User Account restrictions at the workplace to ensure the integrity of our system, to facilitate  reinstatement of a workplace IP address.  The suspected individual(s) will have the right to explain and defend before final action is taken, however,  OETC reserves the right to institute periodic authentication without notice to the student. OETC does execute randomized authentication procedures when accessing quizzes and certificates. If you’ve had an  Authentication call / email / e-message, please don’t be alarmed, as you may be experiencing a randomized  procedure. Finalized cases of cheating will be reported to the Ministry of Environment’s representative, which at the  present time is OWWCO - Ontario Water & Wastewater Certification Office.
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