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Browsers, Browsers, so many Browsers OETC’s   ground   breaking   e-Trainer   System   is   a   complex   integrated   system   programmed   to   work   with   most   up   to   date   browsers   and devices.   However,   there   are   some   known   issues   that   are   described   on   this   page.   Internet   Browsers   all   works   on   slightly   different   coding and not all are equal. OETC’s e-Trainer System has been programmed for compatibility with all standards compliant web browsers: Desktop: Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer Mobile: MobileSafari Google Chrome HOWEVER, we do suggest keeping your browser up to date. Here are some services to assist with this: Computer Hope OETC does not endorse the organisation listed above. Browsers with known issues: Internet Explore 10 and below Safari 7 and below Microsoft Edge has had some reported glitches. Chrome This   seems   to   be   the   most   stable   web   browser   for   using   OETC’s   e-Training   System   as   well   as   viewing   the   JavaScript/HTML/PHP   based e-Training course files. Internet Explorer Version 10   This   seems   to   be   one   of   the   more   stable   web   browsers   for   using   OETC’s   e-Training   System   as   well   as   viewing   the   JavaScript   based   e- Training course files. Internet Explorer Versions 9, 8 & 7 There   has   been   some   reported   issues   with   Video   and   JavaScript   showing   as   black   boxes.   These   is   no   fix   or   work   around   as   of   yet.   We have   gotten   good   reports   on   I.E.   11   but   recommend   Chrome   as   Internet   Explorer   is   experiencing   spotty   updates   and   secuity   patches from Microsoft. Internet Explorer Version 11 While   the   Javascript   based   Unit   Presentations   and   picture   based   quiz   questions   will   show   and   work.   There   is   a   reported   issue   with   unit presentations   starting   from   the   beginning   as   opposed   to   starting   where   you   last   left   off   on   subsequent   loads.   Not   really   an   issue   if   you complete a unit presentation after starting. Most presentations are no longer than 1hr each. Firefox    and   Opera    have   had   reported   issues   and   should   be   avoided    when   using   OETC’s   e-Training   System   (read   more   below).   One such reported issue with Firefox is the pages take a long time to load and audio only works intermittently. Browser Troubleshooting - Ideas 1. Check supported browser versions. Check to see if your problem is related to known issues with your browser version, above. 2. Clear your browser's. Clearing   your   browser's   cache   may   help   to   resolve   problems   such   as   trouble   using   drag-and-drop   features,   or   trouble   viewing   the   grades.   See   Clear   Your Bowser's Cache . 3. Try a different browser, and/or move to a different computer. You   may   find   it   helpful   to   have   more   than   one   browser   installed   on   your   computer.   If   you   run   into   problems   using   e-Training,   moving   to   another   browser   may resolve   your   issues   ( Google   Chrome   is   recommended ). You   can   also   try   moving   to   a   different   computer   to   see   if   the   problem   persists. This   may   help   to   discern whether   your   issue   was   a   problem   with   the   browser   on   the   computer   where   you   experienced   the   issue,   or   with   OETC’s   e-Training   System.   Once   you   find   a comfortable   and   stable   browser,   try   starting   and   stopping   a   presentation   to   ensure   the   system   is   remembering   your   location.   Once   you   find   a   stable   browser, stick with it for the duration of a particular presentation or the whole course. 4. Still having problems? If   the   issue   persists   in   several   browsers,   and   on   different   computers,   please   report   your   problem   to   the   OETC   Help   Centre   and   to   acquire   assistance.   Click here for Contact us information Want more Detail The   following   browser   recommendations   and   settings   will   improve   your   experience   using   the   OETC   e-Training   System   and   ensure   access   to   the activities and tools in your e-Training courses and on our site. Browser Versions For security reasons,  OETC recommends updating browsers to the most recent version for your operating system. Computer Hope OETC does not endorse the organisation listed above. Browser Settings The following browser settings should be selected: Enable Cookies Enable Javascript* Note: Javascript is NOT the same as Java. e-Training does not require Java, but it does require Javascript.   Some   devices   such   as   Smartboards   and   certain   tablet   PCs   with   touch   screen   capabilities   may   exhibit   problems   with   OETC’s   e-Training   System’s   drag-and- drop   features.      If   you   experience   problems   with   such   devices,   you   may   wish   to   use   a   desktop   computer   when   you   need   these   features.   You   can   also   turn   off Javascript in your browser (see below) and use the alternative interface instead of drag-and-drop. *NOTE: OETC’s e-Training System automatically enables Javascript on your browser upon logging into the the e-Training site. Instructions for browser settings for are available here: Firefox help: Chrome help: Internet Explorer help: Safari: go to Safari > Preferences. The settings are located on the Security and Privacy tabs. Note: In most browsers (not Safari), you can make an exception for e-Training if you don't want to use these settings for all websites. Browser Add-ons You may find it useful to install the following add-ons if your browser does not already have them: A PDF Reader To   view   PDF   files,   you   need   a   PDF   reader   to   be   installed   on   your   computer. A   PDF   browser   plugin   will   let   you   view   PDFs   in   a   browser   window   without   opening a separate program (optional). Download Adobe Acrobat Reader at  .  The download includes the browser plugin. To install this plugin, follow prompts. Apple Quicktime Apple   Quicktime   provides   easy   access   to   multiple   audio   and   video   formats   that   our   e-Training   system   may   use.   Macintosh   computers   come   with   Quicktime already installed. Note: Windows users should install Quicktime, there is a version for Microsoft Windows. Download Quicktime at Adobe Flash Player The Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser will allow you to access Flash video and rich interactive media which may be posted in some OETC courses. Download Adobe Flash Player
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