Fundamental and Advanced math skills

offered in segmented modular format

The ability to competently and comfortably work with numbers and equations is a mandatory prerequisite for a good operator. It is also a major focus for certification exams administered through the ABC (Association of Boards of Certification) format. Unfortunately, many operations personnel struggle with the fundamental basics of mathematics. This difficulty can stagnate a promising career, decrease the confidence of an otherwise competent operator, restrict an operators ability to achieve success in exams, create stress and most importantly lead to costly and life threatening mistakes. If you’re in one of these camps but couldn’t bring yourself to sit in a classroom learning something you think “you should already know.” Then take a look at how OETC can help you. Our on-Demand training system means you can take any of our courses from the privacy of your own home or office. We give you an easy to follow overview of the fundamental concepts of mathematics and prepare you to be fully competent with numbers. We don’t try to cram your head with difficult to understand formula’s and force you to memorise them (only to forget them a couple of days later). We give you the tools to understand the math at a fundamental level. These courses are completely on-line and at the pace of the attendee. Using in-presentation exercises and intelligent quizzing, the student can gain complete mastery of the topic and view unit presentations multiple times, extra activities are provided if the student wants to extend their learning. Unit quizzes must be passed in order to move to the next topic and can be attempted as many times as necessary, they will be different every time and provide feedback to incorrect responses (Final Quiz - Maximum 3 Attempts). The Certificate of Completion is instantly and automatically provided upon completion. No course manual is required, all materials needed are available within the course. Level 1 courses are Director Approved in Ontario - See Course Codes and CEU Value above Level 2 Courses are in development and expected availability throughout 2019.

Fundamental Math for Water and Wastewater - $195.


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Delivered through online interactive presentations and intelligent quizzing

There is no manual for these courses, everything required is included on-line.

No classroom versions of these courses are available.

Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin
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Module 1-1 Fractions, Decimals & Percent - Ontario Director Approved (.3 CEU’s) Course Code: 8954 Module 1-2 Averages, Ratios and Proportions - Ontario Director Approved (.3 CEU’s) Course Code: 8955 Module 1-3 Conversions & Intro to Dimensional Analysis - Ontario Director Approved (.3 CEU’s) Course Code: 8956 Module 1-4 Volume, Area and Linear Measurements - Ontario Director Approved (.5 CEU’s) Course Code: 8957 Module 1-5 Scales and Graphs & Intro to Algebra - Ontario Director Approved (.3 CEU’s) Course Code: 8958
Module 2-1 Flow, Velocity and Volume Calculation Module 2-2 Pumping, Efficiency and Percentage Strength Module 2-3 Coagulation, Flocculation & Sedimentation Module 2-4 Disinfection and Chlorination Module 2-5 Filtration and Solids Loading
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Fundamental and Advanced Math for Water and Wastewater Operations

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