Exam Preparation (Water Treatment & Distribution) - MATH

Exam Preparation (Water Treatment & Distribution I & II) - MATH

All Certification exams based on the ABC (Association of Boards of Certification) format contain a minimum if 10-15% math. In addition, one could argue that math is a primary fundamental skill required of a complainant water or wastewater operator. Unfortunately, many operations personnel struggle with the fundamental basics of mathematics. This difficulty can stagnate a promising career, decrease the confidence of an otherwise competent operator, restrict an operators ability to achieve success in exams, create stress and most importantly lead to costly and life threatening mistakes. OETC’s Exam Preparation Math course has been designed to provide a focus on the skills most beneficial to solving math oriented problems in the Water and Wastewater industry. We focus on the following key areas: The Metric System & Imperial Conversions - Includes: Prefix and abbreviations, imperial-metric conversions & more. Dimensional Analysis - The greatest skill to hold, complex problem solving & conversions without equations or calcs. Percent, Ratios & Fractions - Review of fundamentals with a focus on understanding the concept of comparison. Solving the Unknown Variable - A fancy way of saying algebra. Not as hard as you think when you learn it my way. Throughout the class, we use real world examples to demonstrate each concept. For demonstration and quizzes we use dosing, chemical, design, flow, operation, volume and budget examples. Mastering the content in this course will provide you confidence to pass the mathematical portion of your exam and provide the student with a renewed confidence in their mathematics abilities. Be the person who fellow operators and managers come to for help, and all in a 10hr course. This course is Director Approved in Ontario (1.0 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code 8553

Exam Preparation (Water Treatment & Distribution Level 1&2) - MATH

On-Line Course - Estimated Date of availability - Coming in 2020 Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin
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