Disinfection for Drinking Water Operations

Disinfection for Drinking Water Operations In this 2-day or 1.4 CEU course, we will examine a great many aspects of disinfection of drinking water from both a theoretical and practical nature. With an abundance of training material, we can adjust the content to suit your location. We begin this course with a brief look at the history of disinfection of drinking water. We’ll then go through some basic math techniques that will help up later when conducting dosing equations.  If training in Canada, our equations are in metric with some imperial. If in the USA we’ll focus on imperial only. Some of the topic we look at include: Factors influencing disinfection like temperature, turbidity and pH. Reasons for disinfection Physical means of disinfection o UltraViolet, Heat, Ultrasonic Waves Chemical means of disinfection o Ozone (in depth if location warrants it, overview if no Ozone present) o Chlorine (in-Depth) Gas (in depth) Hypochlorite (in depth) Dioxide (overview) Chloramines (overview – in depth if location warrants it) o Breakpoint Disinfection – free and combined curves o Blending of Chloraminated and Free residual waters o Chlorine Decay (with in-class experiment) o Chlorine measurement instruments and theory behind them. Disinfection equipment for chlorine and hypochlorite Overview of CT and the Procedure for Disinfection Potable Water (if in Ontario) We will demonstrate dosing problems throughout the course via digital pen. Audience: Drinking water treatment & distribution operator, lab technician, engineering professional, manager, maintenance and SCADA  technician, constructor/contractor, regulator/inspector or anyone who works within the drinking water industry that want to know more about disinfection processes and theory. This course is $578 / attendee (which includes 2-day enrolment at $498 and print manual at $80). This course is Director Approved (1.4 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course code 8153 Director Approved in Ontario (1.4 CEU’s) - Course Code 8153 NOTE: This course is only available via Classroom delivery to groups of 10 or more (at this time). Please Contact us to request a classroom event. eTraining / Online delivery date estimated at Dec 2019. Live Classroom course - $498 (enrolment) + $80 (manual) = $578/attendee (10 minimum) On-Line Course - Estimated Date of availability - 2015 Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin
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